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Human Longevity and Wellness is one of the hottest new fields in Medicine because we live in an era where Aging is not regarded as inevitable but as a disease that can be treated. Instead of Lifespan most people now focus on “Healthspan” which means the number of years you feel healthy, young, vital and full of life.

Oxygen - The Key to Life

Oxygen is the key to life and research has demonstrated the power of oxygen in reversing aging. We have the first ever Personalized Oxygen Delivery (POD) Bath System in South East Asia and we invite you to come see the fabulous technology for yourself.


The Reversal of Tissue Hypoxia is the latest Industry Buzzword as numerous scientific papers have shown that a lack of oxygen is the beginning of many acute and chronic diseases. Without oxygen for even 3 minutes would signify the end of life, imagine how having a low tissue oxygenation for years on end, our cells would be continuously under stress and duress. This would eventually lead to a disease state and to a compromise in organ functionality.

In practical terms this would lead to Chronic Degenerative Diseases like Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Arthritis, Fatty Liver, Dementia and reduction in the Brain’s functionality, and many other pathologies.


Soaking in the POD for just 40 mins daily, can deliver an amazing benefit that you can see for yourself in 14 days. Regain your youthful vitality and access your unlimited potential.

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Dr Nadzri Mokhtar

Medical Director


Mr Kit Mah

Wellness & Fitness Icon



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