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June 11, 2022

Apollo Men's Wellness Participates in the Lamborghini Owners Malaysia Club for largest gathering

Apollo Men's Wellness participated in the record-breaking gathering of Lamborghini owners in Malaysia. The Lamborghini Owners Malaysia (LOM) club managed to assemble up to 112 of the supercars at a carpark near the KLCC to set a national record. It beat the record of 77 units that had been set in May 2013 at the same location.

July 22, 2023

Art & Health are in Style

Apollo Men's Wellness hosts an exclusive event that celebrates the unique intersection of wellness and artwork. The secrets to living a life that blends health, wellbeing, and the awe-inspiring power of art.

Oct 02, 2023

Apollo for men is on a mission to ‘Solve Our Stress’ - FMT Lifestyle

An impressive state-of-the-art wellness centre for men located in downtown Kuala Lumpur is promising to ‘Solve Our Stress’.

Targeting the male population, a subset of society whose needs largely go unnoticed, the Apollo Men’s Wellness Centre is the brainchild of Dr Nadzri Mokhtar, an anti-ageing and functional medicine practitioner.

“The wellness centre’s aim is to eradicate the effects of stress on men’s health through the years, and restore their self-confidence and vitality as they age,” Nadzri told FMT Lifestyle.

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