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Shari Abas

Sports Therapist and Holistic Therapist

Shari is a trained sports therapist and holistic therapy practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in The UK, China and Malaysia. He believes that an active lifestyle should be balanced with mindful relaxation. Mindfulness is performing techniques with intention and being present. His approach incorporates his knowledge and experiences as a fitness instructor and avid spinner together with elements that comes from yogic and Traditional Chinese Medicine roots. Self-awareness is an important aspect: as a healthy life starts with oneself. Shari conducts rebalance therapy in Apollo, which helps your deep tissue muscle relax and improve lymphatic drainage.

Mr. Kit Mah

Wellness & Fitness Icon

Mr Kit Mah is expertise is assessing my clients through functional medicine approach diagnosis and providing evidence-based intervention health & wellness plans via the usage of Nutraceuticals, Dietary and Lifestyle plan in Management and prevention on chronic health disorders & diseases, Biohacking for Optimum health & Peak performance and Physique transformation; Fat Loss and/or Muscle Growth.


Dr. Nadzri Mokhtar

Medical Director

Dr. Nadzri is a well-known anti-aging physician with more than 15 years of experience. He is Board Certified from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and is A Diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine as well as Board Certified in Integrative Medicine.

He is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and main areas of expertise  are in integrative medicine, combining Bio-identical Hormones, nutraceuticals, & natural medicines along with aesthetic procedures to provide the patient with total rejuvenation and world class healthcare.

Dr. Nadzri believes that wellness begins from within. His aim is to correct imbalances within the human body by modifying lifestyle, dietary habits, physical and psychological components of his patients. All this is done through combining state of the art treatments such as Reversal of Hypoxia through your very own Personal Oxygenation Device (POD) , Nutraceuticals and Hormones to balance the microbiome & physiology. With a long history of focus on Cytokines and stem cells, Dr Nadzri corrects any neuro and vascular inflammation within the body thus optimizing health and longevity.

After graduating from Trinity College Dublin in 1999 he set up various business ventures in the healthcare field with the sole focus of improving patients’ quality of life.

Dr. Nadzri is a vital member in various medical societies and councils like the Society of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine Malaysia, World Society of Antiaging Medicine, Age Management and Research AMAR India and World Anti Aging Network. Now, with the affiliation of Amaya Clinics worldwide, Dr. Nadzri’s goal is to bring the most cutting-edge technology in the field of Anti-aging, Wellness, Rejuvenation & Weight Loss Medicine to Malaysia.

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