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Oxygen - Key to Life

The Reversal of Tissue Hypoxia is the latest Industry Buzzword as numerous scientific papers have shown that a lack of oxygen is the beginning of many chronic and acute diseases. Without oxygen even for 3 mins would signify the end of life, imagine having a low tissue oxygenation for years on end, our cells would be continuously under stress and duress. This would eventually lead to it’s disease state and to a compromise in the organ’s functionality.

Our Mission

At Apollo we aim to extend your healthspan using our curated and highly effective personalized protocols which can enhance your performance, healthspan and quality of life. Our state of the art medical program is individually tailored to your needs and will help you reverse the aging process and plant the seeds of human longevity in your body.




Dr Nadzri Mokhtar

Medical Director

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Dr Dalila Yusoff

Medical Officer


Dr Priya Reddy

Medical Advisor

dr thomas.jpg

Dr Thomas Khor

Medical Advisor


Dr Suresh Siva

Specialist Advisor


Dr Lee Li Ching

Specialist Advisor

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